Studying Online

Studying Online

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Studying Online
  • My Online Student Journey

    Learn from two student success stories to show how online learning can help students reach their goals. Elsa is a mother who juggled caring for a young family alongside studying for her LLB Online. She is also a career changer moving from Marketing into Law. And Zena, who gained a distinction la...

  • What is it like to study online?

    There are so many reasons to study online with The University of Law , but what does studying online really look like? Explore the systems we use in this video.

  • Why Not Study Your Postgraduate Business Programme Online?

    Have you been considering your next steps in your Business career? Have you considered studying Online to allow you the freedom and flexibility in order to gain your qualifications? At the University of Law Business School we can enable you to do this. Navdeep Chouhan our Director of Online Prog...